Hwy 96 CA
November 1, 2004

The day started in Oregon, it was raining, but as you crossed the California boarder were brilliant blue skies. Driving down I-5, I went west on Hwy.96 and the trouble started. Within five miles the police pulled me over. The only reason was because the car had Oregon license plates and they were checking for California residents avoiding paying tax and registration fees. Since he had me pulled over, why not also search for drugs. They had no cause or reason to waste my time and tear all my stuff apart!!! Then to add insult to injury about 50 miles down the road I was pulled over again, same reason, same results. You have the right to protest, but then you really make them mad and who knows what to expect.

By now it was afternoon and the chemtrails had started with heavy coverage of skies. Notice that there are no real clouds in these images. Included is a image from the early part without any chemtrails.

I've never saw a sunset like today, the sky complete blood red...