Most new movies and TV series with outdoor scenes will likely
have chemtrails in the background, but chemtrails can also be
seen in some old movies and TV series from the 1950's. In a
couple cases we are convinced that the chemtrails have been
super-imposed, which really gets into a conspiracy theory.

Tales From Wells Fargo Chemtrails
In this clip from the 1957 TV series of "Tales from Wells Fargo"
there are heavy chemtrails. They are clear and defined when viewed
from different camera angles. During the show there are mostly clear
skies with the exception of these scenes which were about a minute
in length.

1957 Chemtrails
Tales From Wells Fargo Season 1 Episode 1 from 1957

1985 Chemtrails
Death Wish III
Heavy chemtrails can be seen in this movie starring Charles Bronson
which was filmed in 1985. We haven't found any information about
chemtrails from 1985, but they look like the real deal.

Annie Oakley 1954 Chemtrails
Annie Oakley
Season 1 Episode 2 1954
Those are not clouds in the background. From just this single
clip it could be argued that these could be simple contrails, but
when watching the show you get better views and angles as the
camera pans. For most of the show there are clear skies and only
these couple scenes, which last about a minute, have any chemtrails.