It's been awhile since posting the last page or updates,
but believe me, the chemtrail activity has continued on
a daily basis. About the only clear skies, the only days
without chemtrails, were the days before Hurricane

DECEMBER 18, 2005
The weather forcast was clear skies today.

Today was more extreme than usual. It is common to
see chemtrails that completely cover the sky from horizon
to horizon, but this day was quicker and more effencient...
less than a hour after sunrise, the job had been completed.

The chemtrails touched the ground becoming smog and haze.
We remind you... THESE ARE NOT REAL CLOUDS!!!

As we looked at the sky throughout the day, wanted to
believe these are real clouds, but we watched their production
and any time a patch of blue would appear, it would be
quickly filled in with new chemtrails. The X patterns
and designs are popular.

Just a matter of minutes after this blue patch
of sky appeared, it was quickly filled in.


Old Hwy.80 looking north...
It seems kind of dark in this photo and
it is a little underexposed, but as I sit here,
it seems like early evening, but it is really
about 12:30pm

And looking south...
The road appears wet, like after a rainfall,
but it is bone dry and less humidity. It is
the shine from the petrolium products in
the road surface.

there are no real clouds in any of these
photos. It doesn't matter how many times
this statement is repeated, psychologically
it is impossible to believe.

Seriously, if you look at the above two images
of Old Hwy.80 north and south, how can those
not be clouds.

Starting before sunrise, these photos are
from Painted Rock Petroglypgh Site. It
is about 7AM.


Chemtrails Over Arizona

In a recent turn of events, it is becoming common practice
for the chemtrail activity to continue throughout the night.
Last year didn't see such activity at night, you might see a
couple chemtrails across the moon lite night. Within the
last couple months, started seeing heavy chemtrail action
24 hours a day. As the sun rises in the early morning sky,
it doesn't have a chance...

NOTE: We spent the last week down in Bisbee Arizona
and Cochise Stronghold. They laid down chemtrails over
Tuscon and the wind pushes them towards Tombstone
and Bisbee area. Usually they skies would be completely
defaced by 9 or 10am.

If you didn't know they were manufactured clouds, it would
be hard to tell, but if you go about 50 miles NE, you will see
the planes as they completely and without interference, continue
the chemtrail production.