A couple of simple tests that anybody can do:

Fill a gallon jug with tap water and place the cap on it.
Wait 24 hours, then remove the lid and smell the water.
Does it smell like chlorine?
Because we keep a gallon of water in the car, there have been
times the smell would knock you backwards. While there is
almost always a chlorine smell, sometime it is plain obnoxious.

Fill a clear drinking glass with water and let it evaporate.
Check the residue left on the sides and bottom of the glass.

Fluoride in the Drinking Water
The disgusting white residue left on the side and bottom
of this glass is fluoride that was added to the Bend, OR
drinking water. They claim it is for your dental health,
but in most other countries fluoride is considered a
toxic waste and would be illegal to add to the water.

Fluoride in the Drinking Water
A close-up view of the fluoride residue left in a glass of evaporated
drinking water. We heard a rumor of a guy who committed a murder
by using fluoride to poison his victim. It was the perfect murder
because there are no tests preformed for fluoride poisoning and even if
they did have a test, who would know the source? Just look at the bottom
of this glass.

We knew a guy that worked for the water department and he warned us not
to drink the water. To save money, most cities that have fluoridated water are
using Chinese Industrial Grade Fluoride instead of Medical Grade Fluoride.
Both grades are equally toxic, but the Chinese Industrial Grade Fluoride
contains unknown and untested by-products. It should be a crime to add
fluoride to the drinking water and there is no evidence that fluoride prevents
cavities. Remember the Dental Association claims mercury in your dental
fillings is perfectly healthy.

Since we are not scientist this page will just state the evidence and you
can theorize the rest. The first fact is we can't find any official scientific
studies on the benifits of fluoride and the effects on dental health. Any
evidence we have found on the benifits of fluoride was nothing more
than propaganda.

• It is well documented that fluoride is a toxic poison.
• The active ingredient in Prozac is fluoxetine, which is basically the
same as fluoride.
• Fluoride was used by the Nazis to sterilize and make inmates docile.
• Fluoride was originally sold as rat and cockroach poison.
• Fluoride is the basic ingredient in Sarin Nerve Gas
You can do an Internet search for more details.

Mention any of the above facts and most people will consider
that you are loosing your marbles. We have showed people the
residue left from the evaporated drinking water and they still
refuse to believe the evidence, making claims that we faked it
or that it is harmless calcium, ect...