Variety, July 6, 1993
The self-proclaimed ``most violent man in rock 'n' roll,'' Kevin Michael (G.G.) Allin, died June 28 in New York City at age 36, apparently of a heroin overdose. Allin, whose antics included hurling his feces at audiences, punching out crowd members, and holding women at knifepoint (to bring back ``the danger of rock 'n' roll, which is dead,'' he said), had always claimed his death was destined to come on stage, preferably on a Halloween and after he'd ``taken a bunch of you (expletive) out with me.''

The singer/performance artist's brother and bassist, Merle Allin, said G.G. had been ``partying all day, doing coke'' prior to a show at Manhattan's Gas Station, an art gallery on the Lower East Side. As was typical of Allin's gigs, the actual set lasted about 10 minutes. But, in Merle's words, ``You could sense it was kind of a grand finale.''

The Gas Station's particularly violent crowd spilled onto the street and commenced a bottle-hurling battle with police while G.G. made his escape to an Avenue B apartment. There, according to his brother, G.G. copped one too many bags of heroin in an attempt to cool out.

He was found dead the next morning at 9 a.m., but ``had clearly been dead for about five hours,'' according to his brother. ``He was totally blue, and rigor mortis had set in to the point where I couldn't get the rings off his fingers.''

Allin was buried in New Hampshire. At his request, he was laid to rest in his favorite outfit: a dog collar, a leather jockstrap and boots.